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RC18T RTR Truck (20102) 

If you want to build the ultimate 1:18 scale race machine, look no further. The Factory Team RC18T is your truck!


  • Blue Aluminum Threaded Shocks
  • Blue Aluminum Dogbones
  • Titanium Turnbuckles
  • Blue Aluminum Heatsink Motor Mount
  • Blue Graphite Battery Strap
  • Blue Aluminum M3 Locknuts
  • Carbide Steel Diff Balls
  • 18T wheels, tires and a clear truck body with decals and window masks are also included.
  • Does not include motor, servo, speed controller, receiver, or battery.


  • 4WD powertrain featuring adjustable ball differentials front and rear.
  • The 18T comes standard with a 55 tooth spur gear and a metal 12 tooth pinion with set screw.
  • However, the truck will accommodate larger spur gears (up to 60 teeth) by changing the small gear cover on the underside of the chassis.
  • The 18T distinguishes itself from the pack with real oil-filled shocks for smooth, consistent damping.
  • Each of the four lower suspension arms are identical and interchangeable, front to back and right to left.
  • Four high-traction “Mini-Pin” racing compound tires with foam inserts mounted on racing-style dish wheels.

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