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Shipping Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What shipping method(s) does HopUpPlanet.com use?

HopUpPlanet prefers USPS for both US and International Shipping.

Occasionally we may utilize another carrier (Fedex Ground) for US shipments (for very large orders), but we have had best success with USPS with both timely, accurate deliveries without damage.

Q: What are your shipping rates in the US?

Our shipping calculator factors an estimated total weight for your packages. Its rates are designed to be discounted below the actual cost of shipping.

The cost returned by the shipping calculator is the most you will pay inside the US, regardless of order size.

Q: Can you ship AEROSOL or FUELS?

We can ship aerosols or fuels WITHIN the United States only. Although it is possible to ship outside the US, the costs are astronomical and must be handled on a case by case basis. We would ship these if we could, but common shipping carriers do not accept combustible materials like these for overseas shipments (even for surface, economy shipping methods).

Inside the United States, we can only ship using ground methods (Fedex or UPS). Large orders may require multiple packages, so after your order, it may be necessary to contact you with a revised shipping amount. We will get approval before finalizing such an order.

Although our shopping cart will allow you to place an order for these items, we will cancel your order and promptly issue a refund. Please email us if you have any questions.

Q: What are our shipping rates OUTSIDE the US (International)?

Because of the varied expenses involved in international shipping, our shipping calculator factors in estimated weights for 5 different world regions.

Our shipping calculator may estimate a little high in some cases (usually for very large orders).

*NOTE* Our shipping calculator factors in the cost based on a SINGLE package. If your order is too large (ie 2 RTR trucks), we will need to contact you with a total shipping amount. If this amount is acceptable, we will then charge your credit card or send you a Paypal Invoice (whichever method you chose during checkout).

Q: Inside the US, do you ever ship USPS Parcel Post?

No! If the package is less than 1 pound, we sometimes use First Class Mail. If it is larger than a padded envelope or heavier than 1 pound, we always ship USPS Priority. (The only exception may be for very large orders, when we may use UPS Ground or FEDEX Ground.)

Q: Can I get expedited shipping, either within the US or International?

Yes! When placing your order, check out using the "Paypal-Invoice Me" or the Credit Card options during checkout. You will need to email us immediately after (or before) with your desired shipping method. You can use our "Contact Us" form to request a special shipping method.

Please give us your order ID and let us know the special instructions. It is easier to review (and possibly cancel) your online order than it is to quote shipping for an order we cannot see! Place the order first, then contact us.

Q: Do you have a return policy?

Yes! If you return your item in perfect resale condition, there is no restocking fee. If the packaging has been opened or other damage has occurred, there is AT LEAST a 20% restocking fee. We do not refund shipping fees once the package has been shipped. Restocking fees are necessary because once packaging has been opened, we cannot sell for the full retail value again. If the items have been used or broken, then we may not be able to refund anything. (See the following Warranty question for warranty information.)

Q: How do you handle warranties?

In the R/C world, nearly all warranty work is handled directly through the manufacturer. If you receive defective merchandise, please contact the manufacturer directly for assistance. Not only do the manufacturer's prefer this, they will NOT work with ANY dealer in many cases--only with you. We will be happy to assist with the process any way we can, but as a matter of procedure, we can't give refunds on defective merchandise.

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